Gerry outside RCA at Picasso exhibition
Gerry outside RCA at Picasso exhibition

I have always made things as far back as I can remember. I initially worked in Graphic Design. A fascination with the tactile nature of three-dimensional objects led me to study ceramics, graduating from University of Westminster in 2009.

My professional practice combines sharing the joy of textiles in teaching, and creating ceramics and textiles. I am fascinated by form, texture and colour and am constantly inspired by mother nature’s magical treasures, and the primal urge to collect them.

My ceramics work focuses on creating detailed forms in Porcelain, renowned for its white surface and preciousness. I preserve delicate seed heads in many fine layers of the clay, forming ethereal objects which are displayed in glass Vitrines.

A lot of my textile work is inspired by maps and journeys, and I explore cyanotype and indigo dyed fabrics combined with hand stitch and found treasures, to produce vibrant collages.